Coupons and menu planning… why no healthy coupons!?

So I’m a couponer.  No, not a crazy “extreme” couponer–though I wish I could be. Do you know why I CAN’T be an extreme couponer? Because there are VERY LITTLE coupons for healthy food. There are barely any, if any at all, for fresh produce and meat. You can find a million coupons for cupcakes, cookies, snack…

Is this my rapture?

So the “rapture” came and went, and im still alive and kicking. Even moreso now, I think. I think I had my own epiphany. For four days ive been researching Beach Body’s now world famous program, P90X. Ive looked at all types of people that trained with the program: overweight, obese, thin, shapely….you name it….

What the hell is a BBW? Am I one?

Well… Here’s a fun fact about BBW’s: There is technically no set standard for what a BBW is. The term was coined by by Carole Shaw in 1979, when she launched BBW Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle magazine for plus-sized woman. Given that the term should be applied to anyone wearing a XXL or larger….