Treatment Day 10

Sleep at 1 am, woke up at 7.

Had to take another melatonin to sleep. That helped a lot. I’m going to try something today…..


2 packets weight control oat meal

1 tsp chunky pb, 1/2 tsp nutella

coffee, 2 splenda, splash of almond milk.

No stomach aches so far (well… just the ones I get when I eat oatmeal), no diarrhea… Thank gods!



Beef & barley soup (canned)

1 piece wheat bread

1 tsp chunky pb

10 chocolate chips

2 cups of unsweet tea, 3 splenda


Yeah. The wheat is upsetting my tummy a bit, but… NO black diarrhea, no sharp shooting pains. Hrm…



4 wheat wraps (small, 200 calories total)

shredded chili chicken

green peppers, 1/2 jalapeno + cabbage sauteed in coconut oil with garlic

2 cups unsweet tea

3 splenda.


First day of no diarrhea and no shooting stomach pains. Only a little bloating and stomach ache from the wheat. I will return to paleo/primal. I’m happier without the bread and grain.


Today I didn’t take any vitamin D or iron. This is the only thing I did differently. I actually had energy, slept and felt functional. I guess it helps I wasn’t shitting my brains out, yeah?

I haven’t heard from the Doc lately. I’m going to call him and see if he needs me.


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