Treatment Day 1

This is scary. Hearing my cells are being destroyed and that I’m a huge risk for cancer is scary. I lead a healthy life. I eat almost all non-processed foods, lots of fruis & veg, and fresh meat. I’m trying to beat genetics, and I’m obviously losing.

I tested at 22,000 for my free radicals test. I am 1,000 away from being in the zone where apparently 5 out of 6 people develop cancer.

Then… I apparently have spinal stenosis. My dad has had 9 or more back surgeries. I can’t end up like my family. I’ve worked too hard, eaten too well and worked out too hard. Why? What was it all for? I could’ve just resigned myself to eating twinkies and leading a standard life at this point. It feels like everything I’ve done was for nothing.

I left the doctors office and came home and cried. My body is a wreck. I have a new husband who is stuck with a broken wife. It isn’t fair. I’m 30 years old, and I seem like I’m 70. The doc says he can fix me, make me better. He promised.

He did some chiropractic adjustments and holy hell. It’s a few hours later, and I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. my back is so sore and I am really stiff now. I’m exhausted from crying and being jerked around on the table. I am going to try to sleep… if I can. My husband just held me and stroked my hair, kissed me and told me it’ll all be okay. He is my everything. I want to be better for me-but also for him.


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