Coupons and menu planning… why no healthy coupons!?

So I’m a couponer. 

No, not a crazy “extreme” couponer–though I wish I could be. Do you know why I CAN’T be an extreme couponer? Because there are VERY LITTLE coupons for healthy food. There are barely any, if any at all, for fresh produce and meat. You can find a million coupons for cupcakes, cookies, snack cakes, cakes, snacks, candy and anything else that has immense amounts of unhealthy ingredients in them. You can find anything to make those hips bigger, but nothing to fill your body with healthy goods. 

I’m scouring the web for Dole salad coupons, because I LOVE salad. Usually Dole has a ton of coupons, but I can’t seem to find any today! ARG! And I need to do big grocery shopping tomorrow. 

I am trying something different. I picked 7 dinner meals, and a couple of breakfast/lunch ideas too. What I am going to do is to make a board and write all 7 ideas on it. Next to it, I’ll put a M-Sun magnet saying what meal is when. I don’t want to lay out the meal plan with a definite day, because I’m just not like that. I know I won’t stick to that. I need flexibility. 

I’m just aggravated at the lack of healthy coupons, and the IMMENSE price difference in healthy food vs. ugly food. 


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