Set backs are a bitch.

So as of today, I should be 1 week in to p90x. Instead, I’ve been laid up for 3 days with a pulled muscle in my back. Great! Let’s get a little more derailed. To top it off, my self esteem has been terribly low.
Point blank… I feel fat. I have a medical issue I am dealing with and the doctors first reason as to why its happening? My weight. The idea I’ve lost almost 180lbs doesn’t mean a thing to these people. They just slam you any way they can. Awesome.

I’ve been trying to eat better. I actually need to do some grocery shopping this weekend, but I’m running into a problem… We have no room in our freezer. My part of the freezer is frozen veggies, fish, turkey burgers and juice pops. My roommates is tonys pizza, Marie calendar frozen meals and random stuff. Gah. I would die to have a large 2 door fridge. Or the big chest freezer again. Mmm…

I can’t wait. This weekend my boyfriend and I are going to the gym, whether he likes it or not. He’s been complaining that he’s gained weight. Time to shed!!


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