Is this my rapture?

So the “rapture” came and went, and im still alive and kicking. Even moreso now, I think. I think I had my own epiphany.

For four days ive been researching Beach Body’s now world famous program, P90X. Ive looked at all types of people that trained with the program: overweight, obese, thin, shapely….you name it. I wanted to see them sweat, cry, vomit, but most of all…succeed.

I wanted proof that fat wont stop me from 90 days of pain and elation. It wouldn’t stop me from my goal (see next entry) if it were ill advised to do P90X as an obese woman, but I wanted to try and prove I can do it. I want it to kick my ass.

So research, I did. Countless videos and time spent pouring through youtube for rabid P90X users waving their banners of achievement turned up a few videos that served as inspiration. If they can do it.. Surely an Amazon like me can too.

I hit and read the forums….then I went to see the price….

ok. Its cheaper than my military TRX and those goodies, but dang. $120+20 for shipping, for dvds I could -cough- procure for free? WTF. Ok, something has to be epic for this to be such a cultishly followed dvd set. The online message forums seem great! A free trial to the beach body team site, some free goodies and all in all…a pretty good deal.

I did it. I spent the money and I dont regret it. I cant wait to post my first pictures and video!


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